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Personalised wellbeing journeys for high performing employees

An inclusive wellbeing solution that recognises individuality

Track, analyse and reflect on health and wellbeing data

with the latest in analytical software

The only workplace solution to put employee wellbeing front & centre

Understand the
wellbeing fundamentals


    Adding a little more movement to the day can benefit both body and mind.


    Rest is crucial to a happy, healthy team.


    Get a better understanding of mood and mindset.


    We offer expert insight and advice on nutrition and how it affects your team’s performance and wellbeing.


Help your team meet their goals and achieve their dreams.


Understand the factors that impact performance, health and happiness.


Engage with challenges to grow a real tree that we plant in your name.


Track movement, rest, mood. stress and happiness. With every data entry, we can provide tailored advice and recommendations.


Each employee can choose which Wellbeing Fundamentals they want to focus on.


Help your team meet their goals and achieve their dreams.

The workplace wellbeing solution that focuses on the individual

By combining data, technology and our advanced knowledge of human health and happiness, One Wellbeing holds the key to better living.

An inclusive wellbeing solution, One Wellbeing provides insights that recognise your individuality and are unique to you and your desires.

Work on what matters to you

Employees can choose the challenges they care about and ditch the ones they don’t.

Understand your mood

Our technology identifies patterns in behaviour and stress levels.

One Wellbeing recognises individuality

We’re all different. One Wellbeing provides each individual with health and wellbeing recommendations unique to them and their personal data.

Learn from our experts

Frequent content updates from our team on the secrets to great health, happiness and performance.